What parents say...

What first comes to mind when you think of Stepping Stones?

Stepping Stones is like family to us. They provide so much care, attention and love to the kids that it feels like family. It is as well a place for adventure and new discoveries. We hear so many stories from the children of new discoveries and deep investigations. Really great for their development.

What do your children tell you about Stepping Stones?

That they feel happy, challenged and nurtured and that they are surrounded with so many friends from different backgrounds and stories that it makes them feel like citizens of the world.

Would you recommend Stepping Stones to other parents?

Yes of course. I would highly recommended thanks to the fantastic crew it has. Very dedicated attention to the children on case by case basis. Very open communication, a fantastic curricula with the IPC. Everyone at school is very reachable and provide full attention and understanding.

Saloua Essalhi, mother